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End of Life for Windows 7

Windows 7 reaches end of life on January 14, 2020. After this date, Microsoft will no longer develop countermeasures or fixes to address new breaches, exploits, viruses, and attacks, leaving Windows 7 computers vulnerable. After the end of the year, computers still running Windows 7 will not be allowed on the network.

Check your machine(s) to ensure you do not experience a lapse in the ability to access your computer. We are working to update all of the Windows 7 devices we can identify, but not all of them report properly to the system due to the age and condition of the software.

How To Determine your Windows version

Start Button

start buttons
If your start menu button doesn't look like the last one, you need an upgrade.

Start Menu

windows 7 and 10 start menus
Windows 7 on the left, and Windows 10 on the right.

Run Winver

Windows 8 and 10

Windows 7

The winver program will open a window like the one below. If it does not say Windows 10, your operating system need to be updated as soon as possible. Please let us know that your computer needs to be upgraded by submitting a ticket at Tech Help Tickets and select "Windows 7 Upgrade" as the help topic.

winver output
Winver output for Windows 10