Technology Resources

This is page contains links to technology instructions for teachers and staff, as well as tips for using your technology more effectively.

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Tech Tips


Password Tips

  • Never give your password to anyone else, for ANY REASON
  • Change your passwords often
  • Always use complex passwords
  • Use at least one capital letter
  • Use at least one number
  • Use special characters ( & * $ % @)
  • Never write your password and stick it in a public place (for example: on a post-it note stuck to your monitor)

Examples of bad passwords:  olemiss, bulldogs, desoto

Examples of better passwords: OleMi$$! , #1Bulldogs , De$oto123

DCS E-mail

  • If you have email problems, contact your school's webmaster.
  • Clear your DCS inbox from time to time. If you reach your quota, you no longer receive new emails.
  • Never reply to an e-mail asking for your password. The Tech dept will never ask for your password via email unless you asked for help.
  • Use your DCS email for school-related correspondence only. Do not sign up for newsletters, online shopping alerts, or other "junk email". This bogs down the system.

General Tech Tips / Rules

  • Do not bring wireless routers to school. These are a huge security risk, and they can cause problems on our network
  • Turn computers off overnight, weekends, and over school holidays or breaks

Login Accounts

  • Never use your teacher login, and then have a student use that computer.
  • If a student is using the computer, use a student login. This keeps students from seeing your documents or accessing sensitive information for teachers only.
  • If you do not know your school's student login or password, contact your computer technician.

Software Installation

  • If you need software installed on your school computer for educational use, please contact your school's technician.

Computer Problems

  • If you have a computer problem, contact your school's technician
  • Never attempt to fix computer hardware yourself
  • Please do not bring home computers to school and expect tech support for non-school equipment